Marijuana Vaporizers: Where to Buy Them?

by Jack Neander January 23, 2017

If you’ve thought about where to buy marijuana vaporizers, but haven’t quite found the best place to make your purchase, we’ve got you covered. Vaporizers have become a hot commodity lately, and it seems like everyone and their brother are selling them. And if you’re in a hurry to get your hands on your very own pot vaporizer, you might be tempted to jump at the first one that you find on sale. Before you jump the gun, though, let’s talk about some of your options for purchasing marijuana vaporizers.

Tobacco Shops: A Local Source of Marijuana Vaporizers

You may not know it, but there are lots of people who actually prefer to vape with tobacco. Yes, we know that there’s no way that is as enjoyable as vaping herb – but to each his own. The good news for some people is that specialty tobacco shops that cater to these folks, sell the same types of vaporizers that you can use with your herb. In fact, you’ll see many marijuana vaporizers advertised as being tobacco vaporizers, due to laws in certain parts of the country.

Now, you can head to your local smoke shop, and you may just get lucky and find a few marijuana vaporizers on sale. The trouble with these shops is that they usually only carry a very limited array of vaporizers. In fact, after visiting a few tobacco shops in our area, we found 5 or 6 shops selling the same 2 or 3 vaporizer models. In other words, selection can be kind of sparse in these shops. And usually they don’t keep a whole lot in stock, so it ends up being a bit of a crap shoot to get a decent weed vaporizer locally.

Online Shopping for Marijuana Vaporizers

Compared to finding a good selection and supply of marijuana vaporizers at a local shop, getting one online is like striking gold. These days there are tons of sites that either sell vaporizers directly, or via a link to a store that does. You have to be careful, though, as some of these sites promote their own models, over and above, vaporizer pipes that are actually quite nice. You can’t blame a company for doing this, but it’s best to use an online resource (like this one) that tells you all about the pros and cons of various marijuana vaporizers on the market today.

We recommend that everyone take some time to read up on marijuana vaporizers and decide what type would be best suited for them. There are big, elaborate vaporizers that can cost well over $500 a pop, and then there are very cheap models that may only cost you 30 bucks. In the end, though, you really do get what you pay for, and some of the ultra-inexpensive marijuana vaporizers aren’t worth the shipping fees you’ll pay to have them delivered to your home. So study up a bit to familiarize yourself with the better brands and models.

As you can tell, our recommended resource for buying marijuana vaporizers is via a trusted online resource. You can go to some of the local shops and actually get your hands on some of the popular vaporizers; to see which type you like best. But you’ll find the best price, quantity and selection for marijuana vaporizers at the online shops.

So, now that you’re familiar with some of the places where you can purchase a vaporizer, do yourself a favor and check out some of our articles and vaporizer reviews. That way you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and facts that you need to choose from amongst the best of today’s marijuana vaporizers.


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Jack Neander
Jack Neander


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