How To Make Marijuana Butter (CannaButter)

by Jack Neander January 22, 2017

Marijuana-infused butter (often referred to as CannaButter) is an indispensable commodity in the cooking world. The sheer amount of uses it has in cooking and the general potency and effectiveness of it make it the must-know recipe in the culinary marijuana world.

The majority of the recipes in the ‘Recipes‘ section of this website require CannaButter as an active component, so if you can’t make it you’re missing out! Fear not – this guide is as comprehensive as it is comprehensible.

The ingredients suggested in this recipe will make about 350g of CannaButter. To make the math easy I used a large, even number (1 pound of butter – almost 1/4 of that will be lost in the conversion, thus you’re left with 350 grams of the final product), but all of the measurements are scalable so if you’d like to make a greater or lesser amount just adjust everything equally.

I’ll get right into it – here we go!

___An herb grinder

___A stove to heat the butter

___A medium sized heavy-duty pot

___A measuring cup

___A whisk or a large fork to mix the material with the water/butter solution in the pot

___Cheese cloth to strain the material before cooling

___A medium or large bowl

___A space in your refrigerator to cool your CannaButter

___Heavy-duty plastic wrap to handle and compress the CannaButter

___A freezable container to store the material

___A space in your freezer to store the finished product

___This one is optional: a disposable, puncture-able aluminum pan.

Make sure you have all these things set aside before you begin to lessen the time in-between steps and streamline the process as a whole.

___One pound of unsalted butter

___Two cups of water

___Marijuana. In this case I’ll be using an ounce of medium-grade bud, but you can change this depending on how potent you want your butter to be.

Begin by grinding your cannabis into a very fine powdery substance. Some use a coffee grinder to get this done. Personally, I prefer using a manual grinder, but if you decide to use a coffee grinder make sure you thoroughly clean it so it doesn’t affect your later uses (e.g. when you wake up to get your morning cup of coffee before work and end up being hurled into the skies for a few hours).

Fill one of your cooking pots with water, heat the water to a high simmer-low boil, and place your second pot on top of the first. Put your butter in the second pot and wait for it to melt (it shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes).

Once the butter has melted, add both your ounce of finely-grinded marijuana and the two cups of water into the pot with the butter. Stir this mixture thoroughly. Make sure nothing is sticking to the bottom of your pot or coagulating within the mix.

Turn your heat low so the boiling water below your CannaButter pot is no more than a simmer and let the mix sit. The amount of time you choose to wait is up to you. There’s two ways you can go from here; you can either choose to wait for a long time – 20 hours or so – or an hour or two and add an extra step to the process. I’ll walk you through both strategies.

The purpose of waiting around 20 hours is to evaporate the two cups water in your mix, and this can potentially maximize the potency of your CannaButter by extracting as much of the THC as possible. If this is the rout you choose to take, all the power to you!

I’m not that patient – usually because a delicious batch of brownies often follows this mix – so I let it sit for around one hour, sometimes two.

Make sure to stir often (I stir in approximately 20 minute intervals).
Once the CannaButter has settled for long enough, turn the heat off, let the solution sit for two or three minutes and remove it from the stove.

If you chose to wait the shorter amount of time, make sure you’re using an aluminum pan for this step:
Place your cheese cloth over an open bowl or aluminum pan and ensure that when the liquid is poured through the cheese cloth will not go with it. Strain the solution using the cheese cloth so that you don’t have bits of cannabis in the solution.

Once you strain the solution through the cheese cloth, you will have a wet solution in a bowl or aluminum pan and cheese cloth full of soggy cannabis.
Using heat-proof hand equipment (e.g. a handful of paper towels) squeeze the cheese cloth to extract as much of the CannaButter solution as possible.
Place the bowl with the CannaButter solution into your refrigerator and let it cool for anywhere between 45 minutes to five hours (this will vary depending on the size of your batch) until generally solidified. This process will separate the CannaButter from the water. Make sure to let it cool for at least as much time as it takes to become firm.

There’s two routs you can go from here. If you used a bowl, read on. If you used an aluminum pan, skip the following paragraph.

When in a bowl: Using the heavy-duty plastic wrap on your hands, remove the butter from the bowl. I usually coat my hands with a few layers of the wrap. Pat dry the CannaButter to remove any excess water. The CannaButter is now nice and pliable so you can mold it into whatever shape is convenient for your freezable container.

When in an aluminum pan: Hold your pan above a sink and puncture a small hole in the bottom of your pan. The excess water will drain from your pan and you’ll be left with nothing but CannaButter.

Congratulations – you now have CannaButter!

Place the butter in your freezable container and place it in the freezer. Keep it frozen when not in use – if it’s left out or melted it can go bad or lose potency. It will last for a very long time if frozen, so enjoy it at your leisure until it’s all gone!



Jack Neander
Jack Neander


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