Best Portable Vaporizer: What to Look For

by Jack Neander January 24, 2017

With the increased popularity of vaping, people are on the lookout for the best portable vaporizer. It seems that vaping is very much on the verge of going “mainstream”, so it’s only natural that more people would be on the lookout for a vaporizer that fits in with their lifestyle. And, really, that’s what it’s all about – finding the best portable vaporizer for you. One that you’ll enjoy looking at, using and possibly sharing with your friends.

So how do you find the best personal vaporizer? Or, perhaps more importantly, how do you find the vaporizer that’s best suited to your unique personality and lifestyle? It’s actually easier than you might think. And we’ve put together some helpful hints to help you find your ideal vaporizer.

Finding the Best Portable Vaporizer: Knowing the Difference

When people first start vaporizing, they’re often not aware of the different types of vaporizer products that area avaialble. If you’ve only ever used one, particular type or model, you should be aware that you actually do have a few types to choose from. You could get a larger, tabletop vaporizer, a smaller handheld vaporizer, or even a vaporizer pipe for the ultimate in discretion and portability.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of personal vaporizer models on the market today…

The Vaporizer Pipe

Not all vaporizers are battery powered or flame free. There are vaporizer pipes that actually work very much like a bowl that people might smoke weed with. With these types of vaporizer pipes, you simply put ground herb into the bowl area, hold a flame under the bowl and enjoy. But instead of smoke, like you’d get with a regular bowl, you inhale vapors. People who enjoy using traditional bowls may find that this is the best portable vaporizer to use, because of the familiarity factor.

The Handheld Vaporizer

While a pipe could qualify as a handheld vaporizer, these types of vaporizers are generally powered by a battery, or even a built in butane tank. The more popular models are small enough to fit in your pocket, quick heating and easy to use on the go. If you like being able to take a quick, discrete hit while you’re out and about you may want to investigate some of the more popular handheld models.

Larger Vaporizers

While some of the bigger vaporizers may not necessarily be all that portable, it really depends on what you’re willing to carry around and where you’re going. For example, if you’re heading to a friend’s house to hang out and vape for a while, you may find that some of the larger vaporizers are ideal, and relatively easy to stash away in your backpack or purse. These larger models are usually battery powered, though some even plug into standard electrical outlets. A larger vaporizer can still be portable and may be best for those who like to socialize a bit while they partake in some sweet vapors.


Once you’ve checked out some of the basic models, you may want to think about the overall appearance of the portable vaporizer that you decide to purchase. Like the water bongs of yesteryear, today’s best portable vaporizer models can range from very simple, understated designs, to elaborate, showy pipes that are a sight to behold. Think about your own, personal style, and then pick a portable vaporizer that reflects that style.

Time to Get The Best Portable Vaporizer…

Now that you have some of the basics fresh in your mind, you’re all set to find the perfect portable vaporizer for your vaping needs. And if you can, try to avoid getting a very cheap vaporizer, as more often than not, you do actually end up getting what you paid for…

Jack Neander
Jack Neander


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