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Enhance Your Vape Experience with Australia’s Best Equipment

Resinate is a newly established business selling high quality vaporizers and essentials for the smoking, vaping and dabbing public. Since our beginnings, we’ve been creating a community dedicated to exceptional smoking experiences, through all-in-one products that last longer and start at better prices.

For day-to-day use or the occasional weekend escape, the Resinate range caters to all kinds of users, and nothing’s better than a flexible, versatile product. For mess-free use, vibrant smoking experiences and sleek, innovative designs, choose Resinate.

High quality products at cheaper prices

Since our inception, we’re driven with innovation at our forefront, striving to provide exceptional products at every step. We want you to buy something that lasts you, and enhances your experience, and this is what drives our product range. We only sell the accessories we love, so you know it’s going to be a great choice. Take a look at our current range and find something to add to your collection.

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Join the Resinate community

We’re here to encourage a community of passionate individuals, working to educate, inform and share. While our specialty is the great selection of Resinate products, our team are invested in helping the community thrive through conversation and information.  

Discover a culture with your values, browse our current range, check out our news feed or get in touch with the team at Resinate. We’re always happy to talk to new customers about our products and knowledge.  



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